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Malaysian & Chinese Cuisine

Ayam Rendang

Ayam Rendang    $16.50

Chicken cooked w. low heat in lemon grass and chili paste, then simmered in thick rich coconut curry gravy. 

Ayam / Beef Trengganu

Ayam / Beef Trengganu    $16.50

Sliced Chicken or Beef cooked in a rich thick, yellow curry w. coconut milk, coriander, basil leaves, eggplant & pepper. 


Achat    $9.50

(A very appetizing starter)Malaysian style pickled vegetable, w. peanut sauce. 

Kari Kambing

Kari Kambing    $18.95

Sliced lamb sauteed w. onion, tomato, eggplant & okra in homemade curry sauce. 


Gado-Gado    $10.95

Shredded cucumber, jicama, fried shrimp pancake, peanuts, fried tofu and sliced hard boiled eggs and chefs special sauce.  

Kangkung Belachan

Kangkung Belachan    $14.95

Sauteed water convolvulus w. spicy Malaysian shrimp sauce. 

Kari Sayur Campur

Kari Sayur Campur    $15.95

Vegetarian delight: mixed vegetables w. a spicy curry broth gravy. 

Nasi Bamboo

Nasi Bamboo    $13.95

Rice sauteed w. shrimp, chicken, sausage, eggs, green pea, onion and carrot.

Nasi Halia

Nasi Halia    $12.95

Fried rice w. egg & shredded ginger.

Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak    $12.95

Coconut rice flavored w. cloves & screwpine leaves. Served w. pickled vegetable, curry chicken, cucumber and hard boiled eggs. 

Nasi Lotus

Nasi Lotus    $13.95

Special fried rice in a brown sauce w. shrimp, chicken, sausage, eggs, green peas, onion and carrot wrapped in lotus leaf.

Nasi Nenas

Nasi Nenas    $13.95

Rice sauteed w. chicken, pineapple, green peas, onion, eggs and bell pepper.

Itik Palam

Itik Palam    $17.95

Baked boneless duck serve w. plum sauce

Kacang Pendek Belachan

Kacang Pendek Belachan    $13.95

Sauteed string bean w. spicy Malaysian shrimp sauce. 

Mango Noodle

Mango Noodle    $12.95

Stir-fried egg noodle w. chicken, mango, bell peppers, carrot & egg in spicy mango sauce. 

Ayam Kelapa

Ayam Kelapa    $16.50

Crispy fried sliced white meat chicken w. dry chili peppers, scallion, sesame & cucumbers, shredded coconut.  

Kampung Ikan

Kampung Ikan    $24.95

Fried whole red snapper fish with lemon grass, lemon leaf in coconut curry sauce. 

Poh-Piah (2 Rolls)

Poh-Piah (2 Rolls)    $8.95

Steamed Malaysia spring roll stuffed w. shiitake mushroom, shredded eggs, jicama, bean sprout and onion.

Prawn Mee

Prawn Mee    $11.95

Satay's favorite! Rice or egg noodles, shrimp, vegetable, bean sprouts in a spicy shrimp broth. 

Sambal Udang

Sambal Udang    $19.95

Sauteed jumbo shrimp w. spicy Malaysian shrimp paste, onion and bell pepper. 

Satay Tofu (2 Pcs)

Satay Tofu (2 Pcs)    $8.45

Crispy fried tofu stuffed w. cucumber and bean sprouts. Served w. peanut sauce.  

Roti Canai

Roti Canai    $6.95

(Indian Pancake) It's the all-time favorite, crispy style pancake & curry chicken dipping sauce.  

Ayam Hainanese

Ayam Hainanese    $16.50

Steamed 1/2 chicken w. bone w. chefs special soy sauce (served at room temperature).



Fried jumbo shrimp w. crispy egg thread in coconut aromatic & curry leaves



Sauteed sliced lamb in spicy curry leaves, bell pepper & lemon grass .